Sunday, July 22, 2012


 Michael Jackson what a god! Just finished watching the movie that was made of his rehearsals. He truly was a genius.The way he used his body to show his experience of the emotions he was feeling- wow. The voice, the body, the demeanour. He flitted around the stage like a filament of dust, dancing in the light. He was so normal in some ways too. Laughing with his producers, getting the jokes. Telling Orianthe to place herself here, because this was her moment to shine. Wow- Orianthe what a wonderful experience that must have been for you, an Adelaide girl and so talented and here you are with Michael on stage playing to his incredible singing and dancing. Keep chasing your dreams girl you've been annointed for greatness. I could see how his kids just had this calm beautiful Dad who loved them. What a gift to them. It seems that despite all the madness of the media and the court cases, he was a kind loving father and that's how they'll remember him.

We are what we are, to the people we are with, for the time we are with them. You can reinvent yourself if you need to. Say you've been an angry person because life didn't happen the way you thought it would. YOu've been dealt some rough cards. You can reinvent yourself and influence those around you in a fantastic way.  Only humans can do that, only we have that insight. Get the help you need if you want to change and you can do it. Michael went from a terrible situation with a father who is still in denial about the way he treated him and even with that horrible legacy he became the father those children loved. What if today you turned yourself from gazing inward at your insecurities and looked at your children or your parents or your siblings and said, "what can I do to make their world better today?" Pay it forward people. Get the movie it really is wonderful. I mean the movie "Pay it forward" that will be another great influence on your life journey.

Getting back to Michael. I loved watching the rehearsal and seeing how he could redo a scene in his concert and make it better by a few changes. He had the concept in his head and he knew what he wanted to achieve and those that were with him for the ride, understood his greatness. I remember reading an article on Barbra Streisand, when I was a teenager. She was shooting the scene for 'People' in Funnygirl. The directors were happy as was everyone on the set and thought she'd done a wonderful job. But she kept everyone back well into the evening, going over and over the scene until finally, they shot it again. And everyone could see it was 100% better than the scene they'd been happy to say was in the can long ago.  She had a concept and she knew how it would look and feel.

Let's make our lives like that. Let's have that concept, have that vision of how it can be and let's strive to get that concept realized for our children our spouses our friends and family. It's a constant challenge and there are so many stresses and so much room for failure but keep the vision and you just might feel like Michael or Barbra after that scene was realized and the vision fitted what actually happened on stage. YOu can be proud that you tried and see the happiness in the people that you have influenced along the way.

Tip for the singers out there: Model yourself on a talented person you admire and try to copy their style for now, the way they sing and the way they express themselves that is you best starting point for developing your own style. I began with Barbra, Natalie Cole and Ella. They are great starting points for you girls. Good luck and Happy singing with love

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